10/20 Iced Dyed Chakras Pants (ANCHORAGE)

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10/20 Iced Dyed Chakras Pants (ANCHORAGE)

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Create a beautiful pair of pants with the 7 Chakras rising up the leg/s with Jen, owner of Drunken Forest Tie Dye. Choice of super soft, cotton, American made leggings OR yoga pants. In this class you will learn how to create resists by folding and binding with artificial sinew. Depending on your comfort level, you will create circles, diamonds or hearts that will be dyed with the colors representing the 7 Chakras while the background of the pants will be a neutral color of your choice. Swatches will be available to let you design your pants with easy and confidence. Size chart available in photos.

The items must batch for approx 48 hours, so you will be taking them home in a leak proof container with washout and care instructions. Watch the ice melt and see your piece come to life! Paypal or Credit Card payment accepted.

Class will be held at Clay Owen Pottery Warehouse located at 7721 Schoon Street Unit 2 in beautiful Anchorage. Make sure you come to the backdoor of the warehouse.

Saturday, October 20th 4pm-6pm

Gloves will be provided. While ice dyeing isn’t especially messy, spills can happen so please wear dark clothing or something you don’t mind staining. Dye particles can be dangerous if inhaled so masks will also be provided.

Drunken Forest Tie Dye uses professional dyes that are colorfast. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the color, and bleach will remove color. With proper care, your items will stay bright and vibrant for many years to come.



Size   Waist Length   Inseam
S       24 34       27
M       26 36       28
L       28 38       29
XL      30 39       30



XL+     33/43 39       30
2XL+    34/44 39       30
3XL+    38/48 40       31


Size    Waist relaxed-    Length Inseam
XS          20-28    41 31
S           24-30    42 32
M           26-32    44 33
L           28-34    45 34
XL          30-38    46 35

XL+         34-40              33
2XL+        38-44              33
3XL+        44-50              33

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