11/24 Make 2 tshirts! (PALMER)

11/24 Make 2 tshirts! (PALMER)


Celebrate Fibonacci Day (a day late!) by creating a couple cool spiral tie dye tshirts. Math is FUN! In the tie dye world, spirals rule. They are the classic, ancient design that is seen all around the world. Symbolizing life, death and almost everything in between, the rainbow spiral is an enduring and eye catching pattern on a tie dye tshirt. Ice Dyeing is a very simple way to create some awesome color combos. You will choose all your colors from swatches of 40+ colrs.

Come learn how the arts and math are connected, and make not 1 but 2 tshirts to take home! Could be a great gift or just keep both for yourself.

**To ensure your sizes are available please RSVP for this class by 11/20. **

Class is held at Art Cafe AK in Palmer. Get your tickets here —> https://theartcafeak.com/

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